Breast Cancer – Time for an Attitude Shift

It was the summer of 1999. A bunch of us final year medical students were seeing patients in the crowded outpatient department at the Mayo Hospital in Lahore. Our professor… Read more »

Quaid e Azam

Quaid’s Message to Pakistan

My fellow Pakistanis, It has been nearly 70 years since you were given the gift of freedom. You have squandered it. You have managed to lose half the country to… Read more »


The Religion Problem

The world is on fire. There is conflict everywhere. People killing people. Soldiers killing children. Suicide bombs. Entire people displaced. There is war everywhere. In some places, the cause of… Read more »

Israel, Hamas and Gaza

There is a cease fire in Gaza today. There is hope that it will be extended and hostilities will finally end. Let both Israel and Hamas claim victory.For both of… Read more »

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 – Not the first, likely not the last

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down last ween while flying over Ukraine on the 17th of July. The Boeing 777 crashed in rebel held areas, and all 283 passengers… Read more »


Acute Transfusion Reactions

Acute transfusion reactions need to be diagnosed and managed immediately. This presentation offers a basic overview of common transfusion reactions, their symptoms and initial management.   [slideshare id=”[slideshare id=8284190&doc=acutetransfusionreactions-110612035146-phpapp01]”]  … Read more »

Farzana's husband with her body

Pakistan – No Honor in ‘Honor Killing’

Two weeks ago I had a serious argument with a few American and Canadian friends. The subject of the argument was women’s rights in Pakistan. These people were convinced that… Read more »

Samina Baig

Samina Baig – A Hero for Pakistan

Pakistan is a difficult country for anyone to thrive in. Much more so for a young girl from a mountain village in a remote part of the country. But Samina… Read more »


A wish for Pakistan

My dear Pakistan. I love you so much. I love your resilience. I love your passion. I love your ‘never give up’ attitude. I love your emotion.      … Read more »

World Cancer Day

Cancer is an ominous word. A scary word. Unfortunately, it is also a very common word. Virtually everyone knows someone who has cancer. Virtually everyone has lost someone to it…. Read more »