I’ve seen this movie before


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It’s been a week now, and it’s almost like nothing of consequence happened.

The day US Special Forces conducted a pre-dawn operation in Abbottabad, Karachi was on fire too. Somebody had shot dead a local MQM leader, and there were angry protests all over the city. Cars were burned. Gas stations stopped selling CNG and petrol. Thousands of people were stranded on the streets of Karachi, forced to abandon their vehicles and walk home.

While all this was happening, the government of President was hard at work doing nothing of consequence. The President was swearing in more ministers for the federal government, a political ploy meant to appease PML-Q and isolate PML-N. The indifference to the misery of the common man was plain for all to see.

Now let me be clear; I could not care less about PML or PPP or MQM or PTI or any other political party. What I am talking about is the lack of leadership on display on the morning of Osama’s death. While the media is all hot and bothered about Pakistan’s sovereign air space being violated, the harsh reality that must be faced is that there is a vacuum of leadership in our country.

I am not even talking about one incident. Or one government.

While a third of the country was dealing with floods last year, the President went to the UK to launch his son’s political career.

While the army moved to conduct an operation against the ‘Taliban’ two years ago, neither the President, nor the Prime Minister spoke to the nation about the unprecedented but necessary move of the Pakistan Army taking on Pakistani civilians.

And when Pakistan air space had been breached, the operation completed, and Osama found and killed in Pakistan, the powers that be were caught completely dumbfounded, clueless as to what spin to put on their incompetence.

I have seen this movie before. While foreign forces toyed with our so called sovereign status, the corridors of power were pre-occupied with palace intrigue. Two hundred years ago, no one saw the East India Trading Company as a threat to the monarchy until it was too late. We all know how that movie ended. And today, while our nation’s resources are completely used up, and our country survives from one foreign handout to the next, our ‘leaders’ are just as indifferent  as the Mughal kings of the past.

Time has passed, but the story is the same. Unless we change the script now, we know how this movie will end.

2 thoughts on “I’ve seen this movie before

  1. Ali

    Well said bhai. Sadly our institutions have never been strengthened, and they never really had solid foundations either.


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