Sovereign Nation?

Omar   May 4, 2011   1 Comment on Sovereign Nation?


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A lot is being made of Pakistan’s status as a sovereign nation.

How dare the US conduct drone attacks inside Pakistan’s territories.

How dare the US conduct a special op in Abbottabad.

We are after all a ‘sovereign’ nation!


But are we truly sovereign?

Do we pay our own bills?

Do we produce enough food to feed all of us?

Do we generate enough electricity for our needs?

Do we . . . . do anything that would merit sovereign status?

Sovereign states don’t go begging for handouts. They don’t survive on foreign aid.


Pakistanis love to say that the ‘West’ doesn’t want Pakistan to rise as a nation.  As if the ‘West’ goes to bed every night in fear of what Pakistan might accomplish if it were to get its act together.

I want to ask all of us Pakistanis. What are we doing to make Pakistan rise as a nation.

Forget the ‘West!’ Forget everyone else.

A nation’s destiny is either written by its own people, or dictated by others.

So if you don’t like what is being dictated, start working. Start writing.

And shape Pakistan’s future yourself!

One thought on “Sovereign Nation?

  1. The Forbidden Fruit

    Agreed! I read somewhere that the ‘west’ is applying the “Divide and Rule” theory on us and my reply was, we’re already divided. It was never the west who made a punjabi hate a mahajir or a mahajir resent a sindhi. It’s just how we are!


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