Dengue Fever – It is Back


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A month ago I wrote about a storm that was headed our way. Well, in case you haven’t noticed, it’s here. And it is worse than any of us expected. Dengue fever has hit Lahore with even more ferocity than last year. There are hundreds of cases all over the city. Hospitals are filled to capacity. At our lab, we are reporting dozens of new cases every day. And I don’t think the outbreak has peaked yet.


There will be time later to look back upon who failed who. What public health measures were not taken. There will be ample time to make committees to examine what went wrong.



What is important right now is to take care of the people who have the illness.  I know doctors everywhere, in both private and government hospitals, are doing the very best they can to manage this crisis. Please pray for the patients, look out for symptoms of Dengue fever in your loved ones, and do spare a thought for the health professionals who are working very hard to deal with this crisis.

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