2011 – Massive Hit or Epic Fail?


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The last week of the year is always an interesting mix of emotions for me. There is a sense of some satisfaction at the goals that were achieved during the year, but this satisfaction is often tempered by a sense of disappointment at lost opportunities and missed objectives. And then of course there is the hope that the new year will be different. It will be a fresh start. A new beginning.

But before we begin the new year, let’s look back at the year that was.

This last year was one of mixed results for me. A few achievements, and a few failures. I feel like I fulfilled my teaching responsibilities reasonably well. I think I did a decent job as lab director and as a pathologist. We started some new tests. We upgraded certain instruments. We brought new technology to Lahore. We debuted a new website for the lab. On a personal level, I started writing this blog, which was something I had been putting off for years. But of all the things I did this year, perhaps the most important was my lab’s contribution in the fight against Dengue Fever.

But there were quite a few failures as well. I failed to study as much as I had wanted. I failed to conduct meaningful research at my lab. I failed to develop certain team members like I had hoped. On a personal front, I failed to stick to my exercise routine. And this blog which I finally started was not regular enough or good enough to propel me to international fame and glory :).  Most importantly, I failed to make more time for my personal relationships. Fourteen hour work days are not fair to the family.

So how was 2011 for you? Massive hit or Epic miss? Or perhaps something in between?

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