Remembering Daddy

Omar   April 9, 2012   2 Comments on Remembering Daddy


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It’s been some time since I wrote a blog post.


So much has been happening that it’s a little hard to wrap my head around it all.


Perhaps most significantly, my grandfather passed away about two weeks ago. He had been in the hospital for surgery, and though the surgery went well, I think his body was too weak to cope with it. He was 95 years old.

On the day that he passed I sat down and wrote two pages worth of memories I had of him. Some good, some not so pleasant. I was fortunate to have him in my life. He was a wise man. He had seen the world. He had fought in World War II. And he had always been a presence in my life. Losing him was not easy. I wish I had spent more time with him. I wish I had asked him more about all the stories he had to tell.


It has now been a couple of weeks and it’s a little easier to remember all the fond memories. Perhaps in a later post.


In the mean time, I will follow his life-long advice to me, and will not leave anything half done. I had stopped blogging because I felt there was just not enough time. But I have lots to say. And I am going to do a better job of being consistent.


So here . . . . .we. . . . .go!

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