The Next New iPhone

Omar   September 16, 2012   No Comments on The Next New iPhone


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Have you heard yet? iPhone 5 is here, and the world as we know it is about to change! Ok, not the whole word, just the parts of it that lie immediately adjacent to Apple stores. But still, iPhone 5 is here, it’s got 4G and a 4” screen, and Apple would like you to treat it with the same respect and awe as previous generations of the ‘magical’ device. Please!

Tim Cook introduces the iPhone 5

There are of course many naysayers out there. These are the Samsung crowd. They used to be the Android crowd, but they have lately realized that the Android robot is not that cool after all, so they have rebranded themselves as ambassadors of the Korean giant, with the flashy Galaxy SIII their unifying symbol. These people dismiss the ‘5’ as ‘so yesterday!’ They believe the fact that the new iPhone doesn’t have NFC will be a death blow. These are the same people who dismissed the original iPhone for not having 3G. Back then they were called ‘Crackberries.’ Apple has since sold an iPhone to pretty much everyone they know, but they still insist that the iPhone is a passing fad. And to make sure the minions have ample talking points, Samsung Prime has jumped into the fray with a massive ad campaign to showcase how the (allegedly) ripped off Galaxy phones are much, much better than the latest offering from Cupertino.

But lost in the noise of the new iPhone is something more extraordinary. Something which might be the next big thing. Have you taken a moment to look at the new iPod nano!? That little music playing, video taking, radio playing device is everything iPhone, except of course, the phone part. Are you getting my drift?

The cell phone industry is changing faster than anyone ever predicted, and I have a feeling that we are headed to a world with more choices and less ubiquity. And I don’t mean just the choice between an iPhone and a Samsung (Sorry Nokia, try harder,) but also the choice between various screen sizes. Samsung has captured majority market share in the cell phone industry not just by designing one massively popular phone, but also by offering choice of screen size and price point. Apple of course did that with its range of iPods. And now I feel, and hope, Apple will do the same with their iPhone range.

Ladies and Gentlemen, behold the iPhone Nano!

Current iPod Nano – Future iPhone Nano


Why not! Not everyone wants a 4 inch screen on their phone. At lest not all the time. Why not offer the same choice in iPhones that has been offered in iPods for so long. And with Apple’s iCloud finally, ever so slowly gaining traction, why not a world where you have not just one, but two or even three iPhones, all of which seamlessly sync everything from your music to the latest phone calls and tect messages. Just like with iPods and iPads, you carry the one you want that day. Now wouldn’t that would be nice.

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