Samina Baig – A Hero for Pakistan


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Pakistan is a difficult country for anyone to thrive in. Much more so for a young girl from a mountain village in a remote part of the country.

But Samina Baig is no ordinary young girl. She grew up surrounded by mountains, so it was only natural for her to start climbing!

And a year ago today, at just 21 years of age, accompanied by her brother and mentor Mirza Ali, Samina became the first Pakistani woman to climb Mount Everest.

Watch the video and see Samina Baig talk about her experience.

You can also visit Mirza Ali’s blog here.

Pakistan has many heroes, but for some reason we don’t celebrate them and recognize them as much as we ought to.

Samina Baig is one hero that all Pakistanis, men and women, can be proud of.

Here’s to a true hero for Pakistan.

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